First Chapter

They say writing the first words is always the hardest. I had been meaning to start blogging soon after we built our site, but for one reason or another, I’ve always found excuses. So, the only entries so far have been a page called Who’s on Saddles?, some pictures of previous travels, a half-built map of our planned route, but not too many words.

True, it’s meant to be a travelling blog and at the moment we are rather stationary, with still a few months left before we commence our journey. But since not a single day passes without us planning something and thinking about this trip, I figured I might as well share some of those thoughts with…ermm right, with whom? I am well aware that it will be a monologue for a good while, but I guess this is the paradox of blogging – nobody will read if you don’t write. So here I am. I used to love writing but somehow ended up working with spreadsheets and numbers. And now the words in my head are also in a different language…all very strange for me.

So what made me finally start blogging? A movie! I watched Julie & Julia over the weekend – in case you have never heard of it, it’s a film set over dual time periods, one is following Julia Child, in the 1950’s, trying to get her first cookery book published and the second time period follows a woman called Julie fed up with her career, in 2002, so she decides to write a daily blog sharing her experiences of cooking her way through Julia Child’s book – starting at Page One. It was during this film that I realised that writing this blog might actually be fun. (I probably wouldn’t mind doing a similar experiment to the one in the movie, although I’d rather concentrate on baking…)

Anyway…whether there will be someone following or not, I shall give it a try.


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