The last few weeks have felt a little bit like Christmas. Packages containing items for our trip are constantly arriving at our apartment. Virtually everyday, upon checking the postbox, I have been finding a little note, from the postman saying that there is a package to be collected at the concierge office. As soon as I get through the door I have to open them all, there and then.


Geoff always laughs at me because I have to open packages straight away – even if I know that the package contains something as exciting as spare batteries… I just do not like unopened boxes!

Unfortunately most of the stuff is just that boring – water bottles, batteries, bungee cords, socks etc.

But there are also fun things like our new tent, shoes, camera lens and Geoff’s favourites – tools! But the gear is a completely different topic and there will be lots more about it shortly. Maybe I’ll even get Geoff to contribute something on the subject.

Then there was the blog. Not too many people, I must say, include ‘starting a blog’ as a process on its own. There is an easy way and a hard(er) way to start blogging. With the simple option, you can jump straight into one of the templates, sign up for an account and start posting right away.

Since I’ve spent the last year or so reading other travellers blogs, I know what sort of features and layouts I like. I already had a pretty clear idea of how I wanted the blog to look. To achieve my ideal blog and layout, it turned out I needed many plugins! Plugins for the calendar, plugins for the map, plugins for just about everything you see on this blog! So instead of an easy ready-to-blog option, we went for a self hosted, highly customizable version on which we ended up spending hours and hours before it started to come together. As of now, it’s still very much a work in progress! All I can say is, hopefully I will feel like writing posts and updating the blog, after all the initial effort we invested in it.


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