Awaiting the Bikes

We have finally decided to crack on with ordering the bikes. After a few emails back and forth and sending on the measurements, we got a disappointing reply. No frame for me. And not for another 2-3 months plus building time. Apparently my frame is quite a popular size!  With the summer coming and trip date closing in, I was really hoping to get our steeds in as quickly as possible to start getting used to them. Then a few days later, we received another setback. The 2-3 months delay is on an optimistic side, not allowing for shipment, customs or other possible delays.

What do we do?

We did not want to consider different bikes. These are THE bikes. But if we wait for the frames to arrive, our planned departure date might come and go and we still wouldn’t know when the  bikes would be with us. On top of that we’d have no idea when to end our apartment lease and hand in the notices at work. No good. But there is an option. It would hurt our pockets but take the burden of anxiety away – the store had an S&S couplings frame, in stock, in my size. These S&S couplings allow the bike to be broken in half and packed much smaller for transportation – but unfortunately also add a large chunk to the cost of the bike. But if we go with this option we should have the bikes by the end of May.

So the decision was made.

The specs were sent off, deposit paid and little label on our frames changed from reserved to being built. Both of them will be yellow, although originally Geoff wanted a black frame. I even have a name for my new bike. Since a cute yellow bear was the subject of my thesis (as weird as it might sound, that’s what philology students are up to) there could be no better name than Winnie for my new yellow friend. Geoff, as a big fan of Simpsons, decided to name his after the appropriately coloured character Homer. Hope this unlikely duo will get along just as well as we do!

So now we just have to wait…


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