The Bikes Have Arrived!

The bikes have arrived! They arrived over two weeks ago on top of Geoff’s parents’ car in what can only be described as MASSIVE boxes! Seriously, they are 174 x 22 x 112 cm and probably weigh a tonne and that is with no bikes inside. The bikes on their own weigh around 17 kgs each , so it was a serious operation to bring them the 100 miles to Dublin and get them to our 6th floor apartment, not to mention unpacking them, during which an accidental stabbing incident occurred resulting in some blood, not just sweat, being shed.

The bicycles straight out of the boxes were blue, not the promised yellow. But that was down to the fact that they were so amazingly well wrapped, in some bright blue sponge, for their England-Northern Ireland-Republic of Ireland journey. It won’t be so easy for them from now on…

Upon ordering the bikes, one of the things we had the option of customizing were the saddles. We had been told that people find the Brooks leather saddle to be either amazingly comfortable or not at all. Hmm well, so far to us, they look like plastic, feel like plastic and sound like plastic when knocked on. Apparently you need to break them into the shape of your backside before they start to feel good. That remains to be seen…

So after a few rainy days and few more evenings of watching Euro 2012 we finally got a chance to hop on our new steeds and have a first go. It was my first time trying toe clips. Everyone had been telling me that they are hard to get used to, so I was well prepared for some undignified falls or other disasters. Well there were no falls or disasters, although I did manage to get a bruise (but those I get all the time anyway). Apparently I have no previous habit of getting off the bike to hinder using toe clips. But I just think I was born with it…

On the first day we really have just cycled up and down the Dublin quays to get used to them. A few kilometres and our bums already knew all about it. And that’s all it took for Geoff to change his mind about padded shorts! I think the next day he ordered us a pair each.

The next ride to Pigeon House Lighthouse was bit longer. Although we didn’t manage to stay away from rain, we did stay away from bumpy roads. No reason to torture our backsides just yet.  And then more rainy days followed, then few more Euro 12 games and then some blog work and the next time bikes were out, was to take some pictures that could be shown on our blog.  Not too much riding on this outing, since the helmets stayed at home (Mr. Safety’s rules).

We have a few more trips planned; just waiting for some fair weather weekend…


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