First Day on the Saddles

And so came the Sunday, the day when we planned to leave Budapest – on bikes! Geoff was worried about getting out of the city, I was scared of cycling those loaded bikes (well over 20kg each), so it did come as a surprise, that we actually packed all our stuff in the morning, had a quick breakfast, took all that stuff downstairs, got it on the bikes and took off. The first miles weren’t the most pleasant – Sunday morning traffic was heavier than anticipated and the bikes wobbled a bit. But then we got out of town (after only one wrong turn) and it was quieter and smelled of early autumn. I was getting excited. We were only supposed to do about 60km that day and Hungary was meant to be flat. So I wasn’t very impressed when the first hill of the day appeared before Budakeszi. The road was pretty narrow and steep and the path next to it had strange steps every once every few hundred meters, which mean’t that we constantly had to get off the bike to push. I discovered that neither getting back on a fully loaded bike going up hills, nor pushing it up is very entertaining – unless, of course, to someone watching you from the other side of the road, having a quiet giggle to themselves.

But we kept going. Distances grew and even though we cycled for hours, we were nowhere near the lake we wanted to reach for the night. We had a quick stop in Etyek for ice-cream, which turned out to be our lunch. From there it was mile after mile, some uphill, some down and it was singing that kept me going. A very random selection of hardly ever finished songs (as I didn’t all the words), yet it helped me focus on something else than slowly passing meters and which part of my body was more sore at that time.

I know that this wan’t the plan. It was meant to be an adventure not an ordeal. But I guess beginnings might be tough and the more we cycle, the easier it will get. That’s why today we were having a relaxing day at the lake (apart from the 8km round trip (walking!) to the shop that Geoff didn’t like at all). If it wasn’t for that and for the wind blowing in off the lake, so bad that our tent nearly got blown away, it would have been a very pleasant rest day…

And here’s what Geoff’s been up to today…


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