Homer Gets a Puncture

Homer got his first puncture today! We were up extra early today, made breakfast and prepared ourselves for departure from Balatonelle. When I went round the back of the apartment to retrieve our bikes, I noticed Homer’s front tyre was completely flat. I was tempted just to pump it up and continue, but I knew that would be doomed to failure. Once I had disassembled the front wheel and removed the tube, I attempted to find the hole.

But I could not find it for love nor money! I had to resort to the old trick of using a bowl of water. The hole turned out to be miniscule. It was one of those cases where a new tube would have needed to be fitted to fix it, if I hadn’t had a bowl of water handy, so I guess it’s a good job it happened when it did. But anyways, it is probably the first of many, so I might as well get used to it.

Apart from that it, was a very relaxing day. We spent 50km drifting along a cycle track to our next destination, Keszthely, on the very western tip of the lake.

Here are a few pictures of the lovely town we are currently staying at:

Tomorrow we are planning a trip to some natural spa in a neighbouring town of Heviz, which dates back to the time of the East Roman Emperor, Flavius Theodosius, who was supposedly an invalid as a child, but was cured by a natural spring.  The minerals in the water are meant to cure all sorts of diseases, ailments and rejuvenate physical strength. Just in case the spring doesn’t work, the town has a doctor, surgeon and a dentist on standby…


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