Plans are changing, but we’re still going…

…although not on our bikes. Geoff’s knee refused further co-operation, what with his previous injuries and strain caused by cycling, is understandable but regrettable. We had given it enough time to heal and although it did improve, unfortunately it do not improve enough to carry on with our original plan. So yet again we had some thinking to do, but with Geoff’s new passion for DIY and plans to build a house, getting a travel plan together wasn’t all that easy. So while he was researching how to self build a sustainable home, I was on a mission to get us going again. With our new predicament, all of a sudden, the whole world opened up to us and we had to choose where to go.

Bikes ready for a long rest

Firstly we had planned to follow our original route, down to Crete,  onto Rhodes and into Turkey and through Asia. We got backpacks shipped to Greece and started repacking from our panniers. But then I got tired of the wet weather we had for a couple of weeks while still in Greece and decided to change the whole plan completely. I’ve suggested Australia and we had actually applied for e-visas , but while still waiting for their approval, Geoff came up with the idea of a road trip in USA and two days later we had plane tickets booked to…Orlando, Florida! Not because we wanted to see Mickey Mouse or Harry Potter (although I wouldn’t mind, if that pleasure wasn’t $100 per person), but because those were the cheapest flights and weather forecast was promising 30°C.

And so it was, on a grey February Thursday morning, after nearly three months of living and working with the Day family, we exchanged hugs and thank yous and got on a bus going back to Athens. That trip was both sad and exciting; we were whizzing past all the roads we climbed on our bikes a few months earlier which brought back memories, but at the same time we were heading towards new adventures. To get to these new adventures we had to first fly to London and then to… Dublin, where it all began! Waiting at Dublin airport for our Orlando flight felt like we were just beginning our journey.

Welcome to USA!

And this is how we ended up in USA. So far we’ve driven over 3,000 miles, crossed 7 states and are currently in Nashville, Tennessee  The weather has been fantastic, which means holiday crowds are pretty much everywhere we go. On top of that we seem to follow a path of crowd gathering events: Daytona 500 in Florida, medical convention and early St Patrick’s celebrations in New Orleans, Livestock & Rodeo Show in Houston and massive South by Southwest music and film festival in Austin. All that obviously means that accommodation, if at all available, costs a small fortunate. Luckily there’s Couchsurfing, which we’ve been using since New Orleans. Yet again we met some amazing people, had a go at crazy hashing (Google it! you will be as confused as we were) experience with our host in New Orleans, tried crawfish and fried Oreos and shared few margaritas with Maura in Houston and received some down to earth great business advice from Sharon in Austin.

The road goes on and on

We will try to update you about our progress more frequently, but ironically, somehow we did have more time for our blog while we were cycling. I suppose we’re still trying to get used to the changes.

Beautiful beach in Pensacola

Talk to y’all later!


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