G’day from Down Under

So we have neglected this blog for a while. There was simply too much going on and any time we got to ourselves, we just wanted to chill and sort our future travel plans (Geoff) and thousands of pictures (Monika).

The last post was about Florida and that was well over three months, 16 states and another country (New Zealand) ago. The plan to catch up on all this is still there, but it might take longer than I thought. So for those who do check this space and are curious about our adventures, please be patient, and visit our gallery, which is gradually being updated.

We are now in Australia. We got here on Friday morning on a flight from Auckland. We were bit worried about entry into Australia since we had no onward flight from Australia. But as it turned out, it wasn’t necessary, to be worried, after all. In fact, immigration officer didn’t ask us a single question! And even customs were happy with all the items we were declaring, even though we ticked almost all the boxes, saying “yes we have that and that and … oh yes that too”. So we missed the opportunity to be on the Border Security tv programme, which they were filming that very day!  On the other hand, when we were entering New Zealand, we had our hiking boots and the tent thoroughly checked by biosecurity. Who would have thought that entering Australia would be so much easier (just allow at least an hour of standing in a queue to have your passport stamped).

Right now we are in Melbourne, staying with our new Workaway family with two small children: Frida (4) and Sam (2), so there’s plenty of entertainment for sure. And while Geoff is searching the net for our new vehicle, I’m trying to put together a quick update here.

In short then. Three months in USA passed very quickly. We visited 17 states, some just briefly, while in others we stayed for much longer. We drove over 16,000 km, had some very cold (below freezing) and some very hot (over 40 degrees C) days, seen some amazing scenery and met loads of very friendly people. I will definitely write more about this trip, in due course – I’m still sorting the pictures!!!

Very Cold and Snowy in Glacier NP, Montana

Very Cold and Snowy in Glacier NP, Montana

And Super Hot in Death Valley, California

Our Favourite - Mesa Arch in Canyonlands NP, Utah

With our USA visa about to expire, we had to make a decision as where to go next. We already had our Australian visas approved, back in February when we planned to go to Australia (looong story), so that sort of sealed the deal. When we were booking the flights, it turned out that the cheapest option was to fly with a stopover in Auckland, New Zealand. And we remembered that we had some friends over there, that we met few years back on Inca Trail in Peru. They were happy to have us for two weeks, so we extended our stopover from couple of hours to a couple of weeks. And although New Zealand was definitely on our ‘must see’ list, the time of year wasn’t quite perfect for it. We still managed to see more than we planned, courtesy of our friends. But the idea is, that one day we’ll be back, hopefully with our bikes, and do a proper tour, in proper season. We’d still like to share what we saw and what we did in those 14 days on the North Island, but that again is a project for the future. Seriously, how people manage to keep their travel blogs up to date is beyond me…

At the Very Top of New Zealand - Cape Reinga

Lake Taupo at the Start of Winter

Ok, I guess it’s time to have a quick breakfast and then move on to another project – pictures 🙂


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