Who’s on Saddles?

Us at Machu Picchu

Two different worlds, two different personalities that met a few years ago and somehow clicked together. Since then we’ve been finding out that we have more in common than we originally thought. Travelling is our main fascination. Staring at a spreadsheet, full of useless numbers for eight hours a day, is definitely not. This feels more like precious time slipping through our fingers, but for now it’s a necessary means to achieve our goal: set off on a “Big Trip”, as we call it.

Just a few years ago we had been well adjusted to this world and took it as it was: day by day spent in the office, counting down the days to the next holiday trip. However, for two people who love being out, roaming the little paths and discovering new countries, twenty-something days off work a year were never going to be enough.

The world, where money is the most important thing that drives people, where it seems that people have nothing better to do than shop or go to the pub for a drink (or a few), started to feel bit claustrophobic. Each day is the same as the day before and every following day will be just the same again.

We also like water...

Being 30 years old isn’t the age for a midlife crisis, or so I’m told, but it made me realise that time is ticking and we should really try to do something that makes us happy, something that would make us feel alive.

And so the idea was born, to leave it all behind and live life the way we dream of: on the road…at least for a year, or two…well, however long it happens to be.

We’ve started following a few blogs and reading books by like minded people, who have already made up their minds and are following their dreams in far flung parts of the world. They’ve definitely helped to encourage our idea and proved that it can be done.

At the beginning all we knew was that we didn’t want to fly around the world, but rather see the world as the locals see it. Then we read about travelling around the world on bikes…and we were hooked. Mind you, neither of us can even remember the last time we were on a bike, but that is something you never forget, right?

We’re sure it will be tough and challenging, but we hope that it will give us the freedom we want and the ability to see the world and life as it really is, not as the pages of a travel brochure would have you believe.


I'm sure I'm missing something here


Mr Grumpy. Well really mainly about the things that he finds pointless and irritating but recently that covers a lot of areas. Hopefully the trip will change it.

Also known as Mr Organised and Mr Safety. Both of which will be put to test during our trip.

Big fan of Meat Loaf and Liverpool FC. Loves all things sport related (apart from rugby, boxing and horse racing – these he finds pointless and irritating) and hopes to one day get all sport questions on Eggheads right.

Likes animals, although is scared of dogs, but only angry dogs – (we should have fun with all those stray dogs an route) and not really fond of cats, yet himself acts like one; following his own paths and not worrying too much about other’s opinion.

Has a degree in aerospace engineering, has been working as an accountant for the last 6 years prior to departure, but really would like to do something useful and appreciated.

Mr Safety made me wear it


She originally planted the seed for this trip back in August 2010, so she is being held responsible for this upheaval in our lives.

She is known as Ms Chaos (she loves to leave things at her bum so she can’t find them again when she needs them). As most of the countries outside the western world are run by what we perceive as chaos, this trip will suit her just fine!

After locating her mis-placed items, she loves photography, baking breads and cakes (and Geoff loves eating them), reading and learning languages. She can speak Polish (native), English (better than Geoff, despite it being his native language), knows a lot of Spanish and German, has studied Serbian at Uni and is currently learning Mandrin. Has been elected communications manager for the trip.

She has been working, in the finance department, for a mobile phone company for the four years before departure and was rather unimpressed, apart from the first morning, when she got a free cupcake. Like Geoff, she wants to do something that will interest and challenge her, but most importantly, do some good in this world.