Gear Mountain – 94 kgs

It was really only when we came to write this ‘Gear’ section of the blog, that we realised just how much stuff we have. It’s quite sobering to look at our mountain of equipment and to realise that we have to cart all of this around the globe with us.

How did we end up with this much gear? The answer is, I don’t know. I started a list back in November 2011 and that list was checked, examined, thought about and added to virtually every day for around 6 months. And so here we are, with virtually everything one might need for a trip to the Moon – not just a bike trip around the world.

Obviously when the plan to travel on bikes started, we said: “Ok, let’s take only what we need”. This at some point, without either of us noticing, changed to: “Let’s take at least one of everything!”

At the moment we have over 250 items which weighs in at 95kgs (including Winnie & Homer), or 62kgs without the bikes. We still have a few more bits and pieces to buy, but they are the ‘little’ things and won’t really add up to much… And no, in case you are wondering, we have not even attempted to pack all this stuff into our really small looking panniers. I sometimes envisage us cycling over the Himalayas with plastic Tesco shopping bags dangling from our handlebars!

In all seriousness though, we have been researching the equipment list for the last 8 or 9 months, by reading books, blogs and other websites written by people with experience in the art of travelling by bike. Virtually each and every item on the list within the ‘Gear’ section has been carefully researched for it weight, robustness, ease of use and practicality for a long trip, most of which will be spent outdoors. I’m pretty sure that in a year or two, we will look at this list and laugh at some of the stuff we brought and thought that it would be vital to our survival – I’m already looking at you; [EXPAND coffee sock!]


So for now, you may look at our Gear Mountain and our list of items and if you think we have forgotten anything, please let us know. I very much doubt you will find anything, as we have everything but the kitchen sink! Oh wait…we have that too…

Bikes & Components – 45.3 kgs

Camping & Living – 13.1 kgs

Clothing – 13.9 kgs

Electronics – 5.7 kgs

Essentials & Misc – 5.5 kgs

Hygiene & Medical – 4.2 kgs

Tools, Spare & Care – 6.0 kgs


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