Camping & Living

Camping & Living – 12.4 kgs

This is one of my favourite sections. I just like looking at all the fancy gear you can get for your mobile campsite. It really is amazing what you can find in the outdoor stores and how all the products are designed with weight and packed size as the main priorities. I have spent hours wandering around looking at all the stuff you can get – even though I have no intention of buying anything. They are just fun things to look at.

Do you remember the old green and blue sleeping mats that people used to have strapped onto the bottom of their rucksacks that were as bulky as your living room carpet? Not anymore – now you can get ones that will fold into your coat pocket!

This section is a good example of us not being super lightweight, living off the fat of the land, sort of travellers. Yes we are travelling on a budget and yes we have to carry everything on our bikes, but that doesn’t mean we have to pick berries for breakfast, set bootlace snares to catch our lunch and chop down a bamboo forest to build our shelter. After a long tough day on the bikes, we may feel like a shower (albeit a cold, short one), some silky smooth aromatic coffee and a nice soft pillow to sleep on. Most cycling travellers will know all about the pains of trying to recreate the softness of your comfy house pillow. We have all tried the options; the inflatable ones, a rolled up fleece, a folded down jacket or even a half filled rucksack. These are all quite literally a pain in the neck and a certain way to not get any sleep. So we have pillows, proper real camping pillows.

Other items like the bed bug sheets may or may not get used. But I hate itching! Itching drives me insane, so if I end up in a dodgy looking hostel with equally dodgy looking beds, I will put down the bed bug sheet and sleep soundly, knowing that the little critters can’t get me. Mosquitoes – I have no idea – I have never been bitten by one, so I don’t know what it’s like. Monika is my natural insect repellent. As long as I stay close to her, I won’t get bitten. This mosquito net is big, rather quite heavy and it may end up getting sent back home, but as they say, better to have it and not need it than to need and not have it…

So again, if you are interested you can have a look below at our camping and living items, most of which will be used on a daily basis. Reviews of the majority of these items will be posted after a few months of real use, by which time we will be able to tell if they are any good or not.

Introduction to Gear Mountain

Bikes & Components – 45.3 kgs

Clothing – 13.9 kgs

Electronics – 5.7 kgs

Essentials & Misc – 5.5 kgs

Hygiene & Medical – 4.2 kgs

Tools, Spare & Care – 6.0 kgs


One response to “Camping & Living

  1. Hej! Czy namiot, który macie to 4-sezonowy domek? Nasz niestety nie zdaje egzaminu i kondensacja w minusowych temperaturach zagraża puchowym śpiworom, więc szukamy czegoś innego. Może macie jakieś doświadczenie w tej materii? Jakie mieliście chłodu na trasie?

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