Electronics – 5.7 kgs

From the very beginning, the subject of what sort of electronics to bring was a controversial one for us.

I much prefer real paper books and couldn’t bring myself to be in a situation where my book has run out of batteries. That’s just silly! So therefore, I didn’t want to buy e-readers.  I didn’t see the need for a netbook. I didn’t even want to bring mobile phones and I certainly didn’t want to lug a DSLR camera and all of its’ corresponding luggage around the planet.

Laptop and Drives

So after much to-ing and fro-ing, a little humming and haa-ing and a couple of minor fracas, we decided that we would bring; two Kindles, one netbook with two external hard drives, two mobile phones and 1 DSLR camera, 3 DSLR lenses and the rest of the DSLR luggage.

It was a landslide victory for Monika, despite the voting being tied at one each. I hope she still likes the idea of taking all this stuff when she finds the electronics pannier firmly strapped to her front wheel!

What will happen to all this expensive gear after a couple of thousand kilometres on a stony road in northern India, or a couple of months being sand blasted in Iran or during the monsoon season in South East Asia? Who knows, but I wouldn’t count on them surviving.

Also, why is it that every company decides to make a different connection to their product in order to charge it up? Do they not understand that us, consumers, are now carrying around at least 18 different cables for these products. This pannier will look like a bag of angry snakes!

Below we have our gadgets that will allow us to share our travelling experience with you.

Introduction to Gear Mountain

Bikes & Components – 45.3 kgs

Camping & Living – 13.1 kgs

Clothing – 13.9 kgs

Essentials & Misc – 5.5 kgs

Hygiene & Medical – 4.2 kgs

Tools, Spare & Care – 6.0 kgs


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