Hygiene & Medical

Hygiene & Medical – 5 kgs

Boy oh boy, this is a long list. The reason it’s a long list is because I hate being sick. Ask Monika! I’m a miserable sick person. If I get a sniffle, I’m useless. I will lie around feeling sorry for myself. I’m definitely not a hypochondriac though. I will wait until I know I am sick and what I have, before I start popping pills.

I think it’s very easy for travellers to take this section too lightly. While I am sitting at work writing this, I feel fine, so all this medical gear really isn’t a big concern to me at this moment in time. But can you imagine having to cycling at least 60 kilometres when you have diarrhoea? Or for days, maybe weeks, if you have haemorrhoids? Not fun! I’m not sure why I chose those two examples, by the way, but you get the message. I am ready to treat any nasty stuff that comes along.

Most of this stuff we all have in our homes. Why? Because we might need it. Well we aren’t going for a month or two, we are going for much longer, so there is a chance that we will need some of this stuff. There is a high probability of getting some self-treatable aliment 100’s of miles from medical help, so it’s all coming with us.

I will be absolutely delighted if this turns out to be dead weight and I never have to open the medical section of this pannier, but just in case…

If anyone reading this thinks I have missed something, let me know. I have tried to think of most things but I’m sure there is an illness I forgot about. Anyone know where I can get a tuberculosis tablet…?

Introduction to Gear Mountain

Bikes & Components – 45.3 kgs

Camping & Living – 13.1 kgs

Clothing – 13.9 kgs

Electronics – 5.7 kgs

Essentials & Misc – 5.5 kgs

Hygiene & Medical – 4.2 kgs

Tools, Spare & Care – 6.0 kgs


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